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Brightening eye mask (3 pairs)

The triple active eye serum works on the entire eye area and provides fresh, radiant eyes. Vitamin C, vitamin B3, coffee beans and green tea soothe dark circles and give tired-looking eyes new radiance.

features and benefits
  • Makes tired looking eyes shine and look fresh again in an instant
  • Reduces dark circles and puffiness
  • Provides the eye area with nutrients and soothes it


Cleanse the skin. Put the mask on the eye area and, if desired, also cover the eyelids. Leave the mask on for 30 minutes. Remove eye mask, do not rinse. Excess serum can be spread on the face and neck.

Main ingredients

vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects skin cells from free radicals produced by UV radiation, pollution, and oxygen in the air. When vitamin C is applied to the skin, it can help reduce dark spots and skin damage from the sun. It also stimulates collagen production in skin cells and has an anti-inflammatory effect.


Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 that inhibits the transport of melanin into the epidermis and protects the skin from further damage caused by UV rays. Niacinamide can improve the elasticity of the skin, strengthen the skin barrier, reduce unwanted discoloration of the skin, refine the complexion and give the skin a healthy complexion.


Glabridin is the main component of liquorice extract and has a natural skin-lightening effect. It inhibits tyrosinase and thus the enzyme that leads to a discoloration of the skin when exposed to sunlight. Thus, it works efficiently against dark spots, dark circles and hyperpigmentation. In addition, liquorice improves the complexion of particularly dry/stressed skin. It reduces the appearance of skin flakes and gives the skin new suppleness.

customer reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Irina Erznkian
Great products

I am very satisfied with eye masks, very effective and fast acting.
I will recommend and continue to order. I think the price-performance ratio is right for this product.

Fadhila Mahfar

Brightening eye mask (3 pairs)

Tanja Dobler
feeling good

There are easy to use and the look is soo much awake and feels very good if you do it in the morning love them....

Fátima Bertholet

Am very satisfied with the face masks..will definitely order again ❤️

April Silvestre
It's really good and smoothly in the skin

5 star